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Commercial Painting

Commercial Painting Sydney

A-Z Painting & Maintenance Group offers everything that you need in a commercial painter in Sydney: flexibility, reliability, and quality. We apply each of those attributes to all of the painting services that we offer.

Why Choose Our Commercial Painting Services
If you are searching for a commercial painter in Sydney, you are probably asking yourself that same question. Here is why we offer superior painting services for commercial customers:

  • Expert personnel with over 20 years combined service in the commercial and industrial sector
  • we meet OH&S standards
  • traffic and crowd control for any situation
  • flexible service times. We will complete our contracts after hours, weekends, or holidays to minimize your company’s downtime, and
  • we offer exact start and finish dates

Bonded And Insured Painters In Sydney

All of the painters that we hire must pass a background check for criminal activity. We carry a substantial liability insurance policy as well as maintain of the worker’s compensation insurances required.

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Team Of Painters and Decorators In Sydney

We have a skilled team of painters and decorators in Sydney. This allows us to offer high specialized finishes like marbling, graining, ragrolling, and metallic finishes. Our color consultants and decorators will meet with you to brainstorm the right décor for your building.

Our friendly A-Z Painting & Maintenance Group can help. We will give you expert advice on various types of coatings and special finishes, and help to make your commercial premises look truly extraordinary. Our painters perform prior-to-paint repairs, initial clean, undercoat and other surface preparation work to maximise the life of the painting.

Free Estimate Of Painting Services

Before we start any project we want you to fully understand how much you are going to be charged and why. One of our experienced commercial painters will come to your business, with a decorator in tow if requested. They will gather full dimensions of the building, decide on color scheme, and the best quality materials to suit your budget and goals for the project. You will them be given an estimate that will include all costs and accurate start and finish dates.